Wp Affiliate Theme

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. – Bill Gates

We’ve been stressing the significance of opting for a suitable theme and how it could impact SEO and all other factors. In the beginning, it’s pretty tough to test those countless themes available on WordPress to find out which one matches the above criteria. We have a recommended piece that outcompetes for all those complex themes available.

Explicitly designed for affiliated websites

One fits all doesn’t work in this case. A theme designed for an eCommerce store won’t be compatible with a blog and vice versa. Similarly, you got to have a theme that’s specifically for your affiliate website, and that could give you a boost over your competitors.

With this theme from WP-affiliated, you’re all set to proceed to the one last step-Content.

Enhanced loading speed (Optimizable)

As discussed above, a lighter theme could enhance the user experience by directly impacting SEO; this one from WP-Affiliate is right what you need to win over those SEO protocols.

Satisfied users

A long list of featured sponsors is enlisted on the website to portray how these ventures collaborated with us and scaled their businesses with a WP affiliate theme.

  • Over the years, it earned credibility, translating into more sponsors joining our satisfying and thriving tribe.
  • One decision is what it takes to make or break the deal!
  • In this case, it’s not suggested to risk your business for the sake of some pennies.

Providing people with a visually attractive interface will undoubtedly attract those potential buyers to the designed funnel for your marketing campaign.

Evolution has been real, and that hit from Covid just bolstered the fact that online businesses are the way to go. Not only is it restricted to just Covid, but each one of us strives for money to live a life that we deserve. And to reassure yourself, financial independence is the ultimate aim of each individual.

Stepping out of the league of souls engaged in revolving around the vicious cycle of making both ends meet is the independence that we’re talking about.

And Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative and credible ways to earn some bucks as passive income.

Not sure about the term & confused about how it works?

Let us arm you with the guide to follow, step-wise.

What exactly Affiliate Marketing is & Why specifically AM?

It sounds like a pretty complex phrase, right? Realistically speaking, it isn’t!

Let us blast that bomb on you; Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of a brand’s products, and if you manage to win sales – you earn a specific percentage of profit over that product. For this, we could not come up with a more straightforward answer.

It’s not limited to just the products, but even the services of a firm or an agency. How one is supposed to step out of their comfort zone and build a business based on Affiliate Marketing is a query that might have occupied your mind. It demands some steps to be followed in the sequence that we’ve enlisted below.

That’s guaranteed; if you follow the guide, then setting this business up will be one of the most vital steps you would have taken for your future.

Why Affiliate Marketing? 

One question that might have popped up is why AM & not any other online income stream. The question is purely legit and makes damn sense!

Let us compare a couple of famous online businesses with AM and help you understand this “Why”.

Blogging vs. AM

Blogging is somewhat similar to AM; here, the process is pretty much the same where the owner establishes a website. Instead of promoting the product, the owner generates income for the content written.

Let’s assume for a moment that the traffic on an affiliate and a blog is the same.

With the mostly-used Ad method (Google Adsense), the blogger may generate a revenue of 4-6$ per 1000 views.

But in the case of AM, the owner could generate revenue of 200-500$ (Actually, an exact figure doesn’t exist). Still, it depends on a lot of factors that we’d accompany you throughout this post.

Ecommerce stores vs. AM

We can’t ignore a risk factor when it comes to a start-up. Ecommerce stores are undoubtedly one of the lucrative options in online business, but it all boils down to single factor-Economical viability.

Generally, the amount needed to build a store or even to rank a store on a website like Amazon requires cash requires an exponential amount that could exceed 100k$ even.

Comparatively, Affiliate Marketing is a preferable choice.

And the list could go on to 100s of ideas to prove the effectiveness of AM, but you got an idea!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The word Marketing in the phrase speaks for itself. You’re not the owner of the product or service you’re promoting. Your job is to offer exposure to the brand utilizing your techniques and enhance the sales of a particular business.

  • It’s as simple as that!
  • But the questions keep popping up like,
  • Why doesn’t the owner promote himself?
  • Why would someone buy through my link?
  • What would I be getting in return? (Even if I manage to get some clicks)
  • Is it even long-term?
  • What’s that damn SEO that’s so hyped up for online businesses? 

These are the genuine concerns of people who’re planning to initiate this set-up. And being curious about a subject expresses your interest in the plan. These are the questions that we’d be covering, and we guarantee, if you read it till the very end-you’d have all to get your hands right on your dreams.

Those YouTubers aren’t even lying about the fact that they generate millions of dollars with their affiliate programs.

It’s doable. Repeat it-It’s DOABLE!

You’re about to do it right now!

Is Amazon Affiliate Program The Best Out There?

Even though Amazon Affiliates is widely usem, because of it’s sheer amount of possible products to promote, it isn’t the only affiliate program. Lets’s see the benefits first before you can conclude.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

As I mentioned above, you promote another brand’s products, and on each sale, you get a reward with the set percentage of commission.

If the products to be promoted are chosen from Amazon, you’re required to register for an Amazon affiliate program.

How to register for Amazon Affiliate Program? 

.Register on the Link attached.

  1. Insert your credentials, and you’re all set to create your affiliate links.

Promoting those links on your website would earn you profit.

Does the commission on each product stay the same?

No! Amazon has issued a detailed list of products with varying commission percentages on each category.

This means that if someone has created a website centered around “Fashion products” & there’s another guy with the website based on “Kitchen products,” then the affiliate commissions would differ.

That’s how niches come into play.

Is AAP the best out there?

The credibility Amazon has earned is way more than any website could make in its entire span, so the argument dies right where it pops its head up.

But there indeed are affiliate programs for each niche from multiple eCommerce stores, and some with a more affiliate commission than Amazon. But people are found interested in earning relatively less but from a credible source.

So, the answer is right what you guessed- Amazon is the best option, at least right now.

Why Would Someone Even Bother to Buy From Your Website?

With the attention span of an online reader decreasing day by day, is it even an option worth considering? This gets confusing, and we’re here to assist you with your queries.

Google itself doesn’t release the data, but by a calculated guess, it’s estimated that around 3.8 million searches are made each minute on Google.

Isn’t it mind-boggling?

Do you still consider that you won’t come across readers for your content? 

If yes, let’s add some more sugar into that and arm you with the detailed concept.

People wouldn’t have been creating those affiliate websites if the earning wasn’t worth the effort, so something distinguishes the ones who make it & those who don’t; what’s that crisp element, want to know?

It’s the content-not just the content but the content that will add value to one’s life.

The Internet has made it easy to examine a product even before buying it; how do you think it’s done?

It’s the detailed reviews/informational content that affiliate websites post to assist their readers in deciding.

Most probably, if the content is unbiased and honestly written, it prompts the customer to buy from your affiliate link, which ultimately leads to more cash accumulation as affiliated commission in your account.

Step by Step Guide to set up an Affiliate Website

This is what you’ve been waiting for, but building the base was crucial. Without stressing the basics, the whole guide could have been a failure. The purpose is to acquaint you with the knowledge you need to kick start your affiliate marketing business and earn passive income side-by-side.

Without delaying it further, let’s get right into it.

Domain Registration

As we’ve discussed until now that we would be building a website and then promoting products via this platform.

This first step is to build a website, and even before that, the selection of the domain name is to be made. Now, if you don’t know what a domain is, then Hostinger defines it as,

“A domain name is essentially your website’s equivalent of a physical address. In the same way, · that a GPS needs a street address· or a zipcode to provide directions, a web browser requires a domain name to direct you to a website.”

Like, Google.com is a domain, as we need to type this address in our search bars to access the website. Your domain would be that unique link that people would be clicking on to get to your website.

Now it’s up to you to be as creative as possible to generate the ideas for your website’s domain name.

After the domain name is selected, hosting is to be chosen to host a website.

There are multiple hosting platforms on the Internet. You’re free to subscribe with any of the service providers after it resonates with your requirements. Let me enlist some below (we aren’t affiliated with any of them, join whatever platform you feel like going with).

  1. Hostinger
  2. BlueHost
  3. GoDaddy

After two of the steps above are done, it’s time to login-in with your credentials provided by the hosting service and install WordPress on your website.

Congratulations! Your website is live now.

Niche selection

Niche selection is tricky because you decide what you’d be covering in your content on your affiliate website. That could be Fashion-centered, Home Décor, Baby products, or anything that interests you.

We had discussed above that the affiliate commissions vary based on different niches. The commissions vary from 0-10 percent over a range of categories for the Amazon affiliate program.

How would you know if your niche is profitable enough?

Click on this chart to familiarize yourself with the percentages assigned by Amazon.

Or you can go for high competition / high reward niches like crypto, casino or finance.

Analyzing competition

The website is live; the niche is all set-you’re halfway through already!

You can’t just write on whatever topic you come across in that specific niche of yours. Instead, write on the subjects that aren’t covered before you, or the published content is rare.

This is where analyzing the competition kicks in.

You’re to search for topics that are searched on the Internet but still, the content published across those topics is relatively more concise. How would you do it? Simple, let me enlist some tools that you can use.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ubbersuggest

These tools can help you a great deal in assessing the competition. Let’s hop on to the next step.

SEO protocols

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s the bridge to your potential prospects. Utilizing the SEO practices, you would be able to rank your content on Google, and if ranked, this would lead to more clicks and ultimately more sales.

It’s a broad term that we’d delve into a bit later in this post. One of the most critical steps to perform, if you fail here-the purpose would be gone, so you better be careful with the SEO!

Valuable content

Nobody discusses this part much, but if there could be a single factor that could earn you the trust of your readers-it always would have been the content that would add value to someone’s life. A difference created through the words could fill up your bank account with the money flowing in.

Neglecting on this part could de-rank the ranked website and ultimately a business failure.

These five steps are your guide to a successful launch of an affiliate website.

Why WordPress Over Any Other Available Options?

To customize your content on the website, you need a CMS (Content Management System). There are multiple options to choose from, but why do a massive chunk of people rely on WordPress to build their websites?

The flexibility of WordPress is beyond expectations for the user. You can manage your website with an easy-to-use dashboard and operating system.

A massive collection of themes can be availed at WordPress, and creating a website is more like a walk in the park with so many options available to select a theme that aligns itself with your requirements.

SEO in Layman Terms

Most people fail in this part, and their affiliate website never gets fortunate enough to be approachable by the clients/customers. We don’t want you to suck at this; these 3 points will help you rank your content.


It must be something complex. No! Let us make it simpler.

The definition of genius is to take complex and make it simple. -Albert Einstein

The searches that people make to get to their desired goal are keywords. Doesn’t it sound understandable enough? Let’s look at it the other way.

Suppose you search on Google “Best cats,” you just typed a keyword in that search bar, as simple as that. For your website, you need to find keywords searched in significant volumes on the Internet, but one thing to supervise is that the content published across that keyword must be less. This concept is the spine of SEO!

Now the question that instantly occupies one’s mind is how one’s supposed to check the competition.

We’ve enlisted the SEO tools above.

All you got to do is come up with keyword ideas and then skim through the figures to plan your content topics.

How Google Algorithm works

Don’t live a dream of a young American guy becoming a millionaire right after building your affiliate website. Google algorithm is smart enough to distinguish authorized websites from the newly made ones.

To recognize your website as an authority, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Add valuable content for at least six months straight
  2. Set the frequency to publish your content
  3. Keep posting

Do we need to write longer posts? 

You’re now about to learn a Golden technique that you won’t find anywhere. As the subject says, write longer posts.

After the competition across a specific keyword is checked, the next step to assess what’s the average word count of the posts published on the first page of Google.

The technique is to write the word count above average.

By Income School, Longer posts are prone to enhance your website’s ranking (That statement is generated after having surveyed 200+ websites).

Does Website Interface (theme) Matter?

The interface is what you visually experience when you visit a website. Let’s see how it impacts the user experience.

First Impression

Even before the message through the website is conveyed, the reader is to consume visual content. If the website owner loses the game here, he might lose a potential buyer for the rest of his life. This is why visual appearance matters a lot.

You might have heard a phrase in your school that Image speaks a thousand words.

How your website is viewed from your user’s end is something you need to pay real attention to.

In short, the theme of your affiliate website does matter!


If it’s not customizable, it’s of no use to your business. You need to apply the A/B testing method to see what works out best for your consumers.

And that journey would be challenging if the theme you’ve selected is more on the rigid side.

Impact on SEO

A de-ranked website is a complete waste, and the better it is for business, the sooner we realize it. We need to take into account each factor that has an impact directly or indirectly on SEO.

The theme selected for your website must not be heavy because it might be repulsive to your customers.

And the more customers pass over your website, the more would be your Bounce Rate, which will have a considerable impact on SEO.


Complex doesn’t sell at all; nobody will waste his time figuring out how your website would work. Remember the attention span we talked about?

To touch your zenith, you need to express your website through easily accessible options spread across the pages, definitely a huge turn-on for the visitor.


If you’re someone who’s unfamiliar with all those marketing terms and is aiming to build his online set-up to earn passive income from a credible source, side by side. Then we believe this guide must have cleared all the possible queries you might have about the subject. Each point is delved into and briefed in simple enough language that even a layperson would comprehend the information shared.

We hope we’ve covered each possible question that could arise, but if you still are confused about something, do let us know, and we would be more than willing to assist you with your queries.