Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Many people know that in order to get cheaper and faster-hosting services you must look for a WordPress Hosting provider. Although choosing a host may seem like a serious challenge nowadays, knowing what specifications are important for you might get you closer to a good host.

Our pick for the best WordPress hosting goes to Convesio, as it has some very great features that can please every person. In this article, we will reveal why Convesio is the best WordPress hosting provider at the moment and why every person should know about it when searching for a good WordPress hosting provider.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a special service that allows a person to run their own WordPress site on the internet. This type of hosting offers highly secure and fast websites, as well as daily backups, flexibility, WordPress updates, and website uptime.

It will surely save a lot of time and it ensures that the website is running smoothly. But if you want to improve your website’s SEO and expand the user traffic, then you will have to choose a trusted WordPress hosting provider.

Additionally, the WordPress host’s job is also to speed up the installation of the website, simplify it, and protect it. Also, with WordPress hosting, you will get a server storage space for all of the site’s files and media.

Why Choose Convesio as a WordPress Hosting Provider?

Convesio is the world’s first and also the fastest WordPress hosting service that is making use of Docker containers and scalable CDN networks in order to share the website content at lightning speed all around the world.

It also assures the clients that their site will load very fast for all of their customers, regardless of where they are accessing the website. The Convesio services are constructed to be more reliable and secure, assuring that the client’s website is always active.

This hosting provider will also assist its clients with protecting their websites from unwanted spammers and hackers. Convesio allows its clients to publish their own WordPress website with just three clicks and without the need to write a single line of code.

The Benefits of Using Convesio as a WordPress Hosting Provider

There are many advantages to choosing Convesio as your WordPress hosting provider. Below we will reveal some of them, as there are truly many.

Consistent Uptime

Convesio uses load-balancer containers in order to lower the website’s traffic load, which means that its servers will never go down. Unlike other websites on the internet that go down for an unknown amount of time, your website will stay up and running all of the time.

Fast Caching

Page caching is a well-known method for making dynamic content static, which can speed up the WordPress website by between 2 and 5 times. This is because the website’s content is generated every time a visitor makes a request. The server-level caching layer from Convesio can be used in many ways.

Database Cluster

If you don’t know what a database cluster is, then you should know that it is a set of databases that are managed by a single database server, which is constantly running. Convesio’s WordPress sites are running on some very powerful MySQL servers. These servers allow multiple users to create and manage a database, and it ensures that the website’s requests are processed accurately.


One of the most time-consuming as well as dangerous tasks when running a hosted website is restoring a web-hosted database. Because of that, Convesio has a self-restoration data feature that will protect every WordPress website from these types of dangers. This self-restoration data feature always keeps a backup of the website’s data and restores it if your website goes down.


Convesio uses the latest security measures in order to assist its clients in scanning and monitoring for certain unexpected security threats. Additionally, its security features enable the clients to edit the code, the environment variables, and the configurations in advance in order to avoid any type of malware or other threats.

Optimized Speed

The WordPress websites which are hosted by Convesio feature a high optimizing speed thanks to its page caching and clustered database. Thanks to HTTP/2, the speed of your website will improve while also conserving the data bandwidth.

Automatic Backup

Every person that is using Convesio as a host for a WordPress website is allowed to easily clone, back up, and restore their website. It will automatically back up the client’s data, however, they will have to schedule the backup somewhere between every 3 hours and every 15 days. This backup system will add another layer of security to the client’s website, as it will store their data in a different location.

Application Monitoring

Another important benefit is the utilization of application performance monitoring (APM), which makes sure that the applications are running smoothly. Convesio provides its clients with the opportunity to monitor their websites at the WordPress application level, which means that every change will need to be approved before it gets implemented.

Moneyback Guarantee

Convesio is a trustworthy, reliable, and cost-effective web hosting company on the market. It offers its potential clients a one-month free trial, where everyone can apply without the need to provide any credit card information. 

Convesio Pricing Information

Convesio’s pricing is amongst the most aggressive in the industry, but that is reasonable as it offers many benefits to the clients, as you can read from the above section. The prizes that Convesio is charging are the following:

  • You can establish a free WordPress website hosted by Convesio that features an allotted storage space of 512 MB
  • Convesio’s monthly entry-level plan required $15 per month and it provides the client with a maximum page visitors of 10,000 per month
  • If the client asks for a monthly page visit of more than 25k, then the cost will be $25 per month
  • Clients that need extra resources can apply for a monthly plan that costs $50. This hosting service comes with 2GB of storage space, as well as four virtual CPUs with 16 PHP workers, which allows the clients to satisfy all of their website needs