WordPress Cloud Hosting Australia

If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, you should know that it is a content management system that enables its users to create a website or a blog right from scratch or to improve a certain existing website. Its open-source software is released under the GPL and it is totally free.

WordPress is by far the most popular hosting platform on the internet, which is used by millions of people worldwide. It is also one of the most powerful and versatile content management systems that are available today.

What Is WordPress Cloud Hosting and How Does It Work?

WordPress cloud hosting is a type of web hosting where the servers are being housed in multiple data centres. This type of web hosting service is very beneficial as it comes with automatic scalability. 

When a client’s website is experiencing a rise in popularity, the cloud hosting can automatically add additional resources so that the client’s website doesn’t go down. 

Additionally, WordPress cloud hosting is a highly reliable web hosting service because if one data centre somehow goes down, then the client’s website will be still up and running as it will be hosted on other data centres.

Cloud hosting works as a model of web hosting in which a big pool of servers is drawing from a common resource pool in order to host a website. Cloud hosting is usually offered as a service where a company acquires a certain amount of server space and bandwidth.

Why Is WordPress Cloud Hosting a Good Choice for Australian Businesses?

As we mentioned above, WordPress cloud hosting is a type of web hosting where a certain service provider hosts and manages a client’s website on a pre-composed WordPress installation.

This means that you will no longer have to worry about creating and managing a WordPress website on your very own server. It also means that your WordPress website will always be up to date with the newest version of WordPress, as well as its featured plugins and themes.

What to Look For in a WordPress Cloud Hosting Australia?

There are several things that you need to be aware of before you acquire a company that offers WordPress cloud hosting services. Below we will reveal some of the most important ones.

Local Web Servers

One of the key factors to consider when picking a company that offers WordPress cloud hosting services is to find out if the platform is offering web servers that are based in Australia. Acquiring a local web server will guarantee you fast loading on your page.

The Pricing in Australian Dollars

If your business is based in Australia, then a hosting plan that is priced in Australian dollars will offer two benefits. Firstly, you wouldn’t have to worry about exchange rates, and secondly, keeping all of your expenses in one currency, especially your domestic one, will make things much easier when it is time to do the taxes.

Local Customer Service

Every time your website is malfunctioning your business is losing money and you will definitely lose a lot of money if your website goes down. This is why you want to acquire a web host that features a customer service team that is available 24/7 and operating in your area. 

Free Domain Name

Apart from hosting, a domain name is the one thing that you need in order to make a website. There are many hosting packages that are offering a free domain name for the first year of hosting. It is a very easy way to save around $20, so why not take it if a web hosting company is offering it.

Number of Permitted Websites

The majority of WordPress cloud hosting plans will only allow you to run only one website, but there are some that will allow you to create two or more websites. These plans are a good way for saving money if you are looking to create individual websites for several branches of your business.

Pre-Installed WordPress

Lastly, if you are specifically looking for WordPress cloud hosting, then you may want to search for a web host that offers pre-installed WordPress. This will allow you to start creating your website right away. Some web hosts might also include pre-installed plugins into the offer that can be used for eCommerce and will save you additional time.

Benefits of Using WordPress Cloud Hosting in Australia?

WordPress cloud hosting has many benefits over traditional web hosting services, where the main benefit must be scalability. With WordPress cloud hosting, the clients can easily scale their website up or down as much as they needed to.

This type of web hosting works perfectly for businesses that are experiencing a lot of traffic spikes on their website at certain times of the year, or for new businesses that are just starting out in their industry and don’t know how much traffic their website would get.

WordPress cloud hosting uses multiple servers in order to make and manage a single WordPress site. This type of web hosting is increasing in popularity as it offers numerous benefits to its users over traditional web hosting, like shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Some of the benefits of using WordPress cloud hosting in Australia include:

  • Better speed and performance
  • Better security
  • Much faster loading of the website
  • Increased scalability
  • The website can grow or shrink as needed

Disadvantages of WordPress Cloud Hosting in Australia

As there are many advantages to using WordPress cloud hosting, there are also a few drawbacks that you must be aware of before making a switch to this type of web hosting.

First of all, WordPress cloud hosting is not as reliable as traditional hosting, as your site is being hosted by multiple servers. This means that there is a greater chance of downtime if one of the servers fails to provide.

Secondly, WordPress cloud hosting can be far more expensive than traditional hosting, especially if your website is experiencing a high traffic volume. 

Last but not least, WordPress cloud hosting can be more difficult in terms of managing your website’s settings and content, if you aren’t familiar with cloud hosting.