EDP445 Website

Bryant Turhan Emerson was born on December 15, 1990, but he is better known for his online alias EDP445. He is a US-based YouTuber famous for making funny rant videos, cooking videos, vlogs and making videos as a superfan of the team Philadelphia Eagles.

ED445 also used to upload gaming videos on his gaming channel EDPGAMING1 and he uploaded cooking videos on his other channel CHAOTICKITCHEN445. He became famous in the sports community for his rant videos with several of his videos going viral soon after their upload. Some of his most popular videos include “I flooded the toilet in chipotle” and “Nearly Shitted On Myself At School.”

However, in the middle of 2020, Bryant was allegedly involved in serious allegations connected to paedophilia. He was caught in an attempt to meet with an underaged girl by sending sexual messages. On April 24, 2021, his YouTube account was terminated, and all of his videos were deleted. 

Early Internet Fame

His first channel was created back in June 2010. The first video he ever uploaded on his channel was him doing some freestyle rap. At the time of the creation of his channel, he was just 19 years old, and the videos that made him famous were still not made. In November of 2020, he started making sports rants videos which became the main topic on his channel, and the main subject of his online fame.

But he didn’t make only sports rant videos. He also had a series called “Don’t You Hate That Shit”, after which he made his cooking channel CHAOTICKITCHEN445 and his gaming channel EDPGAMING1. His backup channel tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio was also created, which he would use in case his other YouTube channels got suddenly closed.

Almost Famous

In early 2020, Bryant’s channel achieved an amazing milestone, 1 million subscribers. However, due to the contents of his channel, YouTube decided not to grant him his Gold Play button which created waves of outrage among his community and his supporters, even leading to the creation of a petition by his followers to make YouTube give him his award.

However, later it was discovered that YouTube had given him Silver Play Buttons previously so there were no grounds to not award him with the Gold Play Button which sparked even more outrage and helped him gain support among fellow YouTubers.

Appearance in Media

EDP455’s first-ever appearance in any kind of media was his appearance in a video for Philadelphia City Paper. This video tackled the reaction of the Philadelphia Eagles fans, and he has also appeared in several videos on the Comedy Central series. An episode of his called “EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!” was featured on MTV’s show Ridiculousness. But his most famous appearance was on ESPN’s Sports Nation as well as Fox News.

He also appeared on The Howard Stern Show, where Howard Stern used his alias to prank call a record store.

First Trouble With YouTube

In 2017, EDP445’s channel was terminated from YouTube, a ban that lasted for two weeks. His videos were also removed. This was mostly due to haters of his channel who mass-flagged him to get his channel terminated, and his videos removed. Even more interesting, his Twitter account was also removed at the same time. Finally, however, his channel was restored. 

Again in 2018, his channel was terminated for the second time when he created a new account which he used until his original account was restored. When he was caught trying to meet up with an underage girl by sending inappropriate texts in 2021 his channel and all of his videos were permanently removed.

Controversies Connected to EDP445

Dak Prescott Conflict

In 2020, EDP445 got into a conflict with Dak Prescott for a video he made insulting Dak Prescott – an NFL player. Later in the season, Dak Prescott was heavily injured during an NFL match, which EDP445 claimed was karma finally catching up to Dak Prescott for making fun of EDP445’s favourite team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

He went even further and stated online hoping that this would be an injury that would pre-maturely end Dak Prescott’s career. For this, he received a lot of backlash from many other YouTubers, and these remarks by Byrant would be just one of the many things that would take this channel downhill.

Predatory Actions

By October 2020 there were already some allegations made by other YouTubers that EDP445 was in contact with underage girls with predatory intentions. One such YouTuber was Coldraven who released proof of EDP445 messaging underage girls. ColdRaven went so far that he even made a fake account, which he used to catfish EDP445 into taking the bait. 

EDP445 in his response video to ColdRaven even indirectly threatened him with a gun, while filming himself eating at WingStop. In this video, he also used the chance to deny the allegations made against him about trying to hook up with underage girls.

Later EDP445 even released a video stating that he doesn’t care about the girl’s age as long as she looked good, which played right into the allegations made against him about predatory behaviour. By December he was caught trying to bait a total of 8 minors.

He was even featured on a paedophile hunting channel exposing him which ends up in an investigation by the police. 


All of the allegations made by EDP445 resulted in him losing ties to many of his supporters and having his main channels EDP445 and EDP445 2.0 permanently terminated by YouTube. However, his gaming and cooking channel are still up and about on YouTube. He has also moved to Nevada, before his posting on Facebook that he would be moving all of his videos on his private website. 

His website never went active and he tried opening another YouTube account, as well as the TikTok account which was quickly terminated. In April his website opened but it was quickly taken down. His latest account was terminated on June 14th 2022.