Thirty Dollar Website

The thirty dollar website is one of the most ridiculous sites on the internet, yet somehow it provides its visitors with an unexpected fun experience. It is a website where the visitors can use around 132 classic images that you can hear, which can be combined and mixed in any order that they like in order to create a song.

About the Thirty Dollar Website

The thirty dollar website was made by a developer and Twitter edgelord that is going by the name of Colon. When you enter the website you will notice the “Don’t You Lecture Me With Your Thirty Dollar Website” quote at the top.

This quote is based on the famous Don’t You Lecture Me With Your Thirty Dollar Haircut memes from the Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! These memes are screenshots of a message that contains the famous catchphrase, which is followed by a certain emoji or emojis spammed around 100 times.

In the memes, every emoji is dubbed with a funny sound effect that is selected depending on the specific emoji. All of its origins from the Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! movie that was released on July 11th 1992, as the 7th instalment in the famous Dragon Ball Z movie series.

In 2008, an English dub of the Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! was released by Funimation, where at the 19:36 mark the villain Android 13, which is voiced by Doug Rand, tells a character named Trunks not to lecture him with his thirty dollar haircut.

What Is the Site About?

As we briefly mentioned above, the thirty dollar website is a music sequencer site where the visitors can compose music with a ridiculous quality by lining up emojis in a sequence. Each of the 132 available emojis is representing a specific sound, noise, or speech that goes with a certain image.

The end result of the sequence can be either unpleasant for the ears or surprisingly entertaining, depending on the time spent and the person’s music composing abilities. For the first Internet users, these emoji sounds sound nostalgic, as the coder borrowed some prevalent sounds.

Some of the most-known sounds that feature on this thirty dollar website are taken from games such as Mario Paint, Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Rhythm Doctor, Rhythm Heaven, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Friday Night Funkin’, Geometry Dash, The Binding of Isaac, UNDERTALE, Baba is You, Terraria, and many more titles that newer generations have no idea of their existence.

As we mentioned, there are currently 132 different emojis available on the site and every single one of them features a specific sound. Every person gets a chance to choose between 12 sequencer commands in order to shake up their sound patterns a bit and provide the sequencer with a sense of competence.

The sequencer commands on the thirty dollar site include features such as volume, pause time, change tempo, combine sounds, stop everything, and some others. In order to make the sequencing easier and more flexible, the developer has also built in some smart commands such as clone, preview, change pitch, remove, and drag and drop to move.

Lastly, after finishing the audio sequence, every person can not only listen to it but also save it and load exported sequences. The visitors can use their imagination and skills in order to create super fun audio and then they can share it with their friends, or post it on the internet. There are many talented people on Twitter that are creating and posting some awesome audio sequences made on this fun website.

How to Use the Thirty Dollar Website?

If you are just hearing about the thirty dollar website and are intimated to try it out, then you should know that the website might be a little confusing at the beginning as it has many features, but once you understand the concept it will super entertaining and you will spend hours on this site.

The first step is to access the thirty dollar website, which can be done by entering the URL and clicking on the DON’T YOU LECTURE ME tab, or you can simply type in and you will be right on the site.

Possibly the first thing that you will notice are the many icons that are centred in the middle of the screen, right below the DON’T YOU LECTURE ME WITH YOUR THIRTY DOLLAR WEBSITE catchphrase. As we revealed above, all of these images contain a certain sound that you can choose to add to the sequence that is positioned right below the images with sounds.

By clicking on an image with a left click, the sound will be instantly added down to the sequence while clicking on an image with a right-click you will get to review the sound. Pressing on shift will clone the sound, rolling the mouse will change the tempo of the sound, and by clicking on the icon you can change the position of the sounds.

Positioned right from the images with sounds is the actions menu, where you will find all the sequencer commands that we’ve previously mentioned. Below these sequencer commands you will find the play button, which will play the sounds that you’ve composed, and the clear button, which will delete your recorded sounds.

After finishing your composing sounds you can download them by clicking on the save button that is located below the sequence area. Next to the save button, you will notice that there is a load button, which gives the visitors an opportunity to upload a certain sound.


The thirty dollar website is a very fun and entertaining website where the visitors can use 132 different sounds in order to create a unique sound sequence. It is a great website that is mainly targeting people that have too much free time. With a bit of creativity, every person can create an extraordinary music sequence that can be downloaded and shared on every platform.