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Whether you are looking to hire a WordPress developer or maybe you just want to improve your knowledge as a recruiter at your company, being able to make good hires, means that you must know the details about the position you are recruiting for. WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms on the internet today, and it’s powering over 35% of all websites currently on the internet.

Almost all businesses use WordPress, especially the startups or small businesses that don’t have the budget to have a website built from the ground up. Still, some WordPress developers can do wonders with the platform, and make the website looks as professional as any other website. In this article, we’ll go over some key skills that set developers apart from each other in quality, rather than quantity.

Must have WordPress Skills

Of course, basic knowledge of the platform is a must. Knowing how to find your way around the admin panel, how to troubleshoot the most common problems in WordPress, what plugins are and how to install them etc. Now we’ll go into more detail about some of the more technical aspects you need to know to be a better WordPress developer.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it’s the backbone of any website. It’s used to define the overall structure of the website and it’s not exactly a programming language. It’s a markup language that is used to define the different elements on the website so the internet browser can discern them from one another.

Today there are a lot of ready-made websites and template builders that allow you to drag and drop objects on the website but knowing HTML will allow you to go up and beyond in terms of your value to the team and the company you work for.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it’s what makes the visual side of the website appealing. You could have a plain website with only text displayed, but those times are over and gone. Knowing custom CSS will allow you to dabble in code and further customize the website, in a way a drag-and-drop builder couldn’t.

This is a skill that will set you apart from other developers and allow you to create stunning websites, which will make your clients drop their jaws. If you want to be a good developer, knowing CSS is a must.


If you want to build an interactive website with a lot of functions, JavaScript is the way to go. To implement JavaScript more efficiently it’s good to know HTML and CSS as well, as they lay the groundwork for how the website looks and feels. JavaScript is the icing on the cake, and it can add tons of functionality to the website.

JavaScript has exploded in popularity in recent years, and now there are dozens of great JavaScript libraries that allow you to add lots of dynamic elements to the website and make the website more interactive than ever.


PHP is the cornerstone of WordPress. WordPress was built using PHP, so it’s no wonder that it’s a must-have skill if you want to become a professional WordPress developer. Its aimed at web development to transform you into a power user. Even though it’s been falling out of the graces of the developers lately, it’s still crucial to know if you are serious about learning WordPress.

It enables you to connect different databases to the interface of WordPress which can make the website you are building much more powerful.

Learn The Platform

As we said, in the beginning, having at least a general familiarity with the WordPress platform is a must if you want to have to do anything with WordPress. Know how to install and set up a WordPress installation, how to troubleshoot the most common problems associated with WordPress and knowing which plugins to install and how.

Plugins can be a little tricky as they can cause some serious issues with WordPress so researching the plugins you install is something that you should seriously consider. Also knowing how to fix the most common problems related to plugins is a lifesaver in many situations.


Usually, SEO and WordPress development are completely different skillsets, but if you want to be competitive in the everchanging development market, knowing SEO is key. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it will allow you to optimize the website you are building so it shows up in search results more often, and higher in the results.

On-site website optimization is important, and a skill the modern WordPress developer should possess. Knowing how crawlers, metatags, keywords, and sitemaps work will help you optimize the WordPress website you’re building much better, and much more efficient.

Internet Security

We live in a turbulent world, one in which companies are almost always under a threat of an internet attack of some sort. Cybercrime is on the rise, and companies are investing millions of dollars in securing websites and protecting their companies from cyber-attacks. Being aware of the most prominent security risks on the web today and knowing how to protect the website against them is a must.

Research the most dangerous vulnerabilities of WordPress and learn how to protect the website from them. It may save you a lot of trouble down the road, and it will make your client or employer appreciate you much more.

Keeping Up With Changes

This is maybe the most important skill you can have in general. Always read on new things, learn about WordPress updates and what’s new and what has been improved. Be aware of the bugs that come with the new version so you can protect your website from them, and learn how to fix them.

Learn new technologies that will help you further develop the website, bringing extra value to your team, company or yourself. Learning stuff is mostly free nowadays, so you can find some tutorials and blogs to stay updated.

WordPress SEO Services

WordPress SEO Services

Improving the WordPress SEO is a key element in any digital marketing strategy where the end product is to get more traffic to your website. In this article, we will reveal the importance of acquiring SEO services for a WordPress website and its advantages.

What Is SEO and Why Is It Important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of practices that are used by a website owner in order to get more traffic by ranking its website higher in the search engines. It is simply about making a website that has optimized code and perfect formatting that will make it super easy for the search engines to find the owner’s website.

When people are searching for a certain topic that you write about on your WordPress site, your SEO content will appear higher in the search results and with that more people will click on your website. The search engines are often the biggest source of traffic for the majority of websites, which is why using SEO services is very important.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, use advanced algorithms in order to understand and rank featured pages in the right order in the search results. However, those advanced algorithms aren’t perfect as they still need some help in order to understand what the content is about.

If your website content isn’t optimized, then the search engines wouldn’t know how to rank it. With that, your website won’t appear on the search results pages when people are searching for the topics that you write about, which will make you miss out on a lot of traffic.

How Does WordPress SEO Works?

WordPress provides its users with many easy-to-use on-page SEO controls like title tags, image tags, custom page URLs, static page features, and blog page features. All of these elements are built into the WordPress platform and are working alongside all of the WordPress page builder tools and themes.

However, organizing the most technical SEO improvements in a WordPress website requires adding certain custom coding in order to core theme templates, which can be very tricky to do. Instead of that, most users are shifting towards WordPress SEO plugins to expand many features and simplify a lot of tasks within WordPress.

What Are WordPress SEO Services?

There are loads of WordPress SEO services, but the most commonly used are keyword research, content creation, competitor analysis, local SEO, content optimization, regular reporting, technical SEO audits, citation management, and website speed audits.

Many people are wondering why they would need SEO services from someone else when WordPress is so user-friendly. Well, the answer is pretty simple there wouldn’t exist an industry of SEO services for WordPress if there wasn’t a big demand.

Benefits of Using WordPress SEO Services

There are many benefits to using SEO services for your WordPress website, but the most obvious one is that you won’t have to do it yourself, as it requires specific knowledge and time to do that. If you aren’t familiar with all the tools that WordPress is offering, then you will waste a lot of your time on tedious tasks that certain people can do more efficiently.

WordPress makes web design much easier for its clients but if you don’t have the required web design experience, then things won’t be very easy. Just because WordPress is optimizing certain features for its clients, doesn’t mean that they are optimizing the right content that can satisfy Google’s algorithm.

Acquiring someone with professional web development experience, especially on WordPress, will provide you with a lot of benefits. The most benefits will be provided to your website if they have a good SEO experience.

One last thing that is important to note is that you should avoid any person or company that is assuring you that they will rank your WordPress site to the top of a Google search in just a week. You must understand that SEO is an ongoing process that requires time to develop.

Is Acquiring WordPress SEO Services Worth It?

Acquiring a company that offers SEO services to WordPress websites is always worth it, as it comes with major benefits, where the most important one is increasing your website traffic. One thing to remember when using SEO services is that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

The company that offers SEO services will help your website when Google updates their algorithm, when it is time to make a new website, or when certain practices evolve in your industry. All of these things will be offered to your WordPress website right on time to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Your acquired SEO company will come well prepared with highly knowledgeable SEO experts that will develop an awareness of your company, its goals, and its website. Ranking your website on the first page on the Google search results instead of on the second page could literally make the difference for your business, especially if you are operating locally.

Nowadays, it is unimaginable for a business to survive for a very long time without organic traffic. Ads are a great way to attract potential clients, as well as social media, but the people that you want to target in the first place are often in need to find you and not the other way around.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

As we mentioned before, it takes time for the SEOs to show results. Sadly, it isn’t as instant as social media marketing, email, chains, or PPC ads, but it is more effective than all of them. Most marketers are now preferring the use of SEOs to PPC as it is a more valuable resource that comes with a lower cost.

SEO brings organic traffic onto your website that is more likely to become a client of yours by purchasing your products and services. The CTRs tend to be higher, but so do your overall ROI and conversion rates.

The timeframe for seeing results from an SEO depends on certain factors such as the sale strategy, how old is your website, and online behaviour.

Hvor mye koster det å bygge en nettside?

Hvor mye koster det å bygge en nettside?

Det er ikke en hemmelighet at det å ha en online tilstedeværelse er avgjørende for bedrifter i dagens digitale tidsalder. Men det mange bedriftseiere ikke vet er hvor mye det faktisk koster å bygge en nettside.

I dette blogginnlegget vil vi bryte ned kostnadene ved utvikling av nettsteder og gi deg et estimat på hvor mye nettstedet ditt kan koste å bygge. Det kan hende det både er billigere og dyrere enn du hadde sett for deg. Uansett er dette en kostnad som vil være verdt det.

Ulike deler av å bygge en nettside

Det er flere komponenter som utgjør byggeprosessen av en nettside. Først og fremst bør du sikre finansiering. Da er det lurt å sammenligne lån for å få best mulig renter, avgifter og gebyrer, og nedbetalingstid. Når du har fått finansieringen på plass, kan du kontakte forskjellige utviklere for å motta priser.

De kan fortelle deg at ulike deler av byggeprosessen vil påvirke prisen. Nedenfor skal vi ta en titt på de forskjellige komponentene som utgjør nettsidebygging:

  • Nettsidedesign.
  • Webhotell.
  • Registrering av domenenavn.
  • Utvikling av nettsider.


Kostnaden for webdesign kan variere mye avhengig av kompleksiteten og størrelsen på nettstedet ditt. Et enkelt nettsteddesign kan koste så lite som 5 000 kr, mens mer komplekse design med tilpassede funksjoner kan koste oppover 500 000 kr. Den gjennomsnittlige kostnaden for webdesign er imidlertid rundt 20 000 kr.

Hvis du er en bedrift som har hatt en nettside en stund, kan du være komfortabel med CMS-en du bruker for øyeblikket. Eller alternativt kan du være frustrert over CMS-en du har brukt og derfor klar til å prøve noe nytt. Det mest populære og mest brukte innholdsstyringssystemet er selvfølgelig WordPress, på grunn av dets brukervennlighet og 100 % tilpassbare design. Men hver bedrift har unike problemer som må løses, og til syvende og sist er kanskje ikke riktig CMS for din bedrift det beste valget for andres.

Vi anbefaler å undersøke hvert av de beste CMS-alternativene, rådføre deg med nettstedets designteam og ta en informert beslutning ved å bruke informasjonen du samler inn.


Nettstedshosting er en annen komponent i nettstedutvikling som kan variere i pris. Hostingleverandører tilbyr en rekke planer med forskjellige funksjoner, så det er viktig å velge en som passer dine behov og budsjett. Den gjennomsnittlige kostnaden for webhotell er rundt 500 kr per måned.


Domenenavnregistrering er prosessen med å registrere et nettsteds domenenavn (f.eks. example.com). Kostnaden for denne tjenesten varierer avhengig av domeneutvidelsen (.no, .com, .net, .org, etc.) og kan variere fra 0 til 30 000 kr årlig. Sistnevnte er veldig sjelden. I Norge koster det normalt noen hundre kroner å ha et .no-domene.

Utvikling av nettsider

Kostnaden for nettsideutvikling avhenger av typen nettside du bygger og funksjonene du trenger. Generelt sett varierer kostnadene for å utvikle en enkelt nettside fra 500 kr til 2 000 kr. Imidlertid kan større og mer komplekse nettsteder koste titusenvis av kroner å utvikle.

Det kan være store summer å spare her ved å se til utlandet for arbeidskraft. I land som India sitter det mye billig kompetanse. Ulempen er at det også er mange useriøse aktører, og dessuten kan språkbarrieren bli vanskelige å overkomme.

Hvem er brukerene dine?

Dette kan virke som en enkel sak, men du vil bli overrasket over hvor mange nettstedsprosjekter som har blitt fullført uten en skikkelig brukerprofilanalyse. For å lage et nettsted som oppfyller behovene til de viktigste målgruppene dine, må du først fordype deg i hvem disse personene er, og hvorfor de kommer til nettstedet ditt.

Det er ikke uvanlig at én bedrift har flere primære brukergrupper, og det kan være du retter deg mot handel, affiliate eller bare generelle annonser på nettsiden.

For eksempel vil et nettsted for en legeklinikk sannsynligvis velge sine pasienter som sitt primære publikum. Men hvis helsepersonell som jobber ved klinikken også går inn på nettsiden for å oppdatere klientinformasjon, planlegge avtaler, svare på offentlige henvendelser og legge ut oppdateringer, så bør også internhelsepersonell anses som primærbrukere.

Før du kontakter et nettstedsutviklingsselskap, er det viktig å begrense brukerpublikummet, identifisere hvorfor de kommer til nettstedet ditt, og vurdere hvordan du endrer nettstedet ditt for bedre å møte deres behov.

Estimere kostnadene for nettstedet ditt

Nå som vi har en ide om hva som går inn i utvikling av nettsteder, la oss anslå kostnadene ved å bygge et nettsted. Tabellen nedenfor gir et estimat over kostnadene for å utvikle ulike typer nettsteder:

  • Grunnleggende nettside: 20 000 kr.
  • Nettside for småbedrifter: 50 000 kr.
  • Grunnleggende nettbutikk: 150 000 kr.
  • Omfattende nettbutikk: 500 000 kr ++


Som du kan se, varierer kostnadene for å bygge et nettsted mye avhengig av størrelsen og kompleksiteten. Derfor er det best å kontakte en utvikler direkte, slik at du får et spesifikt tilbud.

Nye spennende måter å tjene penger på

Tjene penger online

Det er alltid noen av oss som hele tiden er på søken etter nye måter å tjene litt ekstra penger på, og noen tjener faktisk mer enn nok penger på ekstra jobben sin til å kunne slutte i den vanlige jobben. Et alternativ om du trenger penger er snabblån sms, som kan gi deg rask tilgang til penger når du trenger de.

Med dagens teknologi og tilgang til internett er det utallige måter å tjene de ekstra kronene på. man trenger ikke lenger å være fysisk tilstede på en arbeidsplass for å kunne utføre en jobb. Så lenge man har tilgang til internett og en laptop så er man berget i de aller fleste tilfeller når det gjelder online jobber.

Online Jobber

Det er en rekke online jobber man kan påta seg ved å utnytte, eller man bør vel heller si bruke, kunnskapen man har tilegnet seg.  kan man for eksempel mange språk flytende eller på en A1 nivå, så er det drøssevis med jobber som oversetter, både skriftlig og muntlig oversetter tilbys jobb daglig på nettsider freelancere benytter seg av. Er det spesielle språk man kan som det ikke er så mange som prater, kan man faktisk få riktig godt betalt for en jobb for å oversette 5-6000 ord.

Er man av den kreative sorten der man uttrykker seg godt i skrivemåten, kan man også enkelt skaffe seg klienter som trenger skribenter innen ulike bransjer. Det søkes stadig etter skribenter i en rekke bransjer. Bransjer som er veldig hot for tiden å være skribent for er for eksempel igaming og online casino verden. Interessen og populariteten har gjort denne bransjen veldig ettertraktet for mange. Det lanseres nesten vær dag nye online casinoer som trenger innhold på siden på norsk. Her kan man faktisk slå to fluer i ett smekk ved å være både oversetter og skribent. å være skribent for igaming industrien innebærer ofte at man skriver anmeldelser for ulike nettcasinoer.

Affiliate programmer

Har man for eksempel svært gode kunnskaper i et felt, i dette tilfellet kan vi bruke igaming og online casino som eksempel, kan man enkelt bli en affiliate for online casinoer. Man trenger i grunn ingen kunnskap om online casino, så lenge man er flink til å markedsføre det bestemte casinoet på ulike sosiale medier.

Å være affiliate innebærer rett og slett at man driver med markedsføring for et bestemt firma eller bedrift (i dette tilfellet et online casino). Man vil her tjene penger ved at andre mennesker begynner å spille på det casinoet. I affiliate programmet kan det variere fra casino til casino, hvor mye man kan tjene per spiller som benytter seg av affiliate linken. Men måten man tjener på er en viss prosentandel av en spillers foretatte innskudd per måned. Får man en stor spiller med på et casino er det ikke umulig at man kan tjene et firesifret beløp per måned. Dette beløpet vil man få hver eneste måned så lenge den spilleren spiller på casinoet. det er ikke noe tak på hvor mange spillere man kan verve. desto flere spillere man får med, desto mer tjener man. Etter en liten stund når man har skaffet en del spillere, trenger man i praksis ikke å foreta seg noe. Pengene vil bare rulle inn hver måned. Enklere enn dette kan det ikke bli.

WordPress theme popularity

WordPress theme popularity

WordPress themes help you change and develop your website’s design and layout. You can customize your website by changing and improving the color, layout, typography, and other elements to make it unique to match your style or the industry.

From personal blogs, major corporations, and websites, WordPress powers several of them because it has unique features. It is also free to download and install, making it common to many companies and individuals. Thats why we have made a WordPress Theme for Affiliates.

The following are some reasons for WordPress theme popularity:

It is user friendly

You can download and install WordPress in a few minutes, making it easy for anyone, even those who are not tech-savvy. The many themes and the easy access to the files in WordPress make it user-friendly so that even beginners can use it without difficulty. After installing WordPress for free, you can easily manage the admin dashboard because it has all the features you may need to customize your website or blog.

It Is Flexible And Adaptable

With WordPress, you can run simple to complex sites because it is flexible, and you can make changes to conform to what the company needs from the website. The theme is also easy to run, and you can use it with any website or blog of your choice. The simple design makes it ideal for individuals, major corporations, small businesses, personal blogs, and many more. Anything that the company requires can be adapted using WordPress, and you can change the themes easily according to the company’s needs. You can start creating content right away and post anything you want once you complete the customization.

It Offers Multiple Choices

If you need to fine-tune the appearance and functions of a new site, WordPress has an extensive array of options that makes it easy for you to customize the site the way you would like. The themes are available instantly when you complete installation, and they continue to grow so that they can adapt to any site’s needs. You can also purchase any other themes you need for your site through third-party designers globally.

The Sites Using WordPress Rank High

When working on a site, you need to be sure that it ranks higher on search engines like Google and others. WordPress sites have a high rank because they are updated constantly, and the tools for optimizing content are varied.

Mobile responsiveness

Many users visit sites from their mobile phones, and you need to make your site mobile-friendly. WordPress makes it easy for you to customize your site so that it is easy for mobile users to browse through its contents. Your site or blog will respond well even when a visitor is using a smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets, making it easy for them to access any information they need.

Apart from the many benefits you get from using WordPress, you will also get support. It updates so that you have enough you need to customize your site, and the community also hosts camps that support the growth of their users.



What are Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels?

Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

Affiliates share some widespread practices to ensure that they are successful when selling and promoting their products. Each affiliate marketer needs to keep their audience engaged so that it is easy for them to get sales and keep them updated about several products in the market.

Although affiliate marketers need to avoid copying tactics and formulate their methods of getting clients to buy from them, some channels are familiar to everyone. The affiliate marketer can leverage the following media to help them sell more:


Influencers are people with many followers on social media sites, and they derive admiration or inspire a large number of people. An affiliate marketer can use these influencers for advertising the products they are promoting because all their followers will get curious. It will be easy to turn them into customers and consumers.

Sometimes, you will not need to pay for an ad; you can offer an influencer a sample or supply of the product you are selling so that they can talk about it on their blog, website, social media pages, YouTube channels, and other places. Some influencers prefer to share the profit that comes to the marketer due to the sales they helped make.

Email lists

This is an important marketing strategy for any affiliate marketer because you can talk to your clients directly through their emails. You can use them to advertise and inform the clients about a new product or relay any promotional information you need your clients to know about. Other marketers prefer to send newsletters to the clients so that they are up to date with any information they may need.

Use hyperlinks to ensure the client has an easier way to get to your website so that they can purchase a product if they need to. It is also crucial that you create new ways to collect emails every day to add them to your email list. The more emails you have, the better chance you have of converting them to customers.


In some ways, bloggers are like influencers, and they can help any affiliate marketer get more clients and make more money. It is important that you choose a blogger who has a lot of traffic to their blogs and readers because this way, you know that they will reach out to more people.

The blogger will get a reward for using their channel to talk about the product. You can also create your blog and talk about relevant information about the products you are selling. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer for sports supplements, you can start a blog about sports and talk about how active individuals can gain more from supplements.

As an affiliate marketer, it is crucial that you think about any channel you can use to keep you in the client’s mind. Keep inquiries coming and find more ways to get to your potential clients to have more customers in the end.


Tips to Help You Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing

Even with a great website and an excellent product to market, it can still be challenging for some people to make it as affiliate marketers. If you are looking to make more money in the program, you need to employ specific tips to be successful.

Here are some essential tips that will help you become prosperous in making passive income as an affiliate marketer:

Create a rapport

If you consider affiliate marketing a long-term way of making money, you need to create a good rapport with your clients and potential customers. Once you choose your niche, you need to ensure that you increase traffic to your site, especially if you have all the clients’ information. Even if a person does not buy your product, you need to continue any commun9iication you have with them because you might get them to buy eventually. You can also use your clients to get you referrals after they buy from you.

Write reviews about the products

You need to ensure that you review the products you are selling on your website because this will make it easy for your clients to choose and learn more about them. Use their features to ensure that you talk about their benefits, side effects, if any, and how to use them. You will avoid any unnecessary questions when you have a review of the product on your site.

Make the website personal

When addressing people on your site, you need to remember that you communicate with real people who have real problems. If the client can relate to the product, it will be easy for them to buy the product and believe that it will work in the way you tell them.  You can use personal stories from you or any other people who have used the products so that potential clients will know that this product can be trusted.

You should also personalize any message you send via email because it will relate easily to the customer. Most people do not open emails that are vague, but if you use their names in the email, they will likely be curious about its content.

Keep up with the trends

Trends keep changing, and many people are changing with them. This is why as an affiliate marketer, you need to keep up and ensure that you are not left behind. Use any new way to ensure that your clients can still reach you or know about you. The competition is high, with many people discovering affiliate marketing and its benefit, so if you are not up to date, you will fail to reach your target audience.

It would help if you thought outside the box so that you can beat the competition. Create TikTok videos, make new ways of marketing, and keep up with anything you can so that you can sell more. Remember that your aim to make it easy for your customers to find your website and order without much help so that your site can work for you and make you successful.


SEO For Affiliate Marketing: The absolute deal-maker!

SEO For Affiliate Marketing

Guess the most contagious thing in this world! No, it’s not flu. It is Passive Income. Wouldn’t you welcome inflowing bucks for something you did a year prior?

Speaking of such revenue generation sources, Affiliate Marketing tops the chart. All you have to do is market the merchant’s products and persuade your site visitors to buy them. Kudos! You’ll be earning a commission so long as your promotion bears fruit.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Neil Patel defines affiliate marketing as:

“The process of spreading  marketing and creation of products across different parties, where everyone receives a share of the sales according to their contribution.”

Is it that simple? Really!

Well, you have better luck finding sapphires than the tendency to trust in strangers. Therefore, you have to target more and more people to increase your sales. This leads us to SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO indispensable for Affiliate Marketing?

SEO increases your content visibility on search engine’s organic listing that generates more traffic. Ultimately, it translates into a higher conversion rate. Many affiliate marketers take SEO as optional while it stands crucial for their success.

If we only pick WordPress statistics, 24 articles are uploaded every second. Don’t ask about other content management systems working on Google and beyond.

The top five search results take away 67.6% of all CTR. You can invest six hours in developing content. But avoid 15-minute SEO, and no one will even land on it! So, now you see the importance of Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Marketing.

Step-by-step Guide to Master SEO for Affiliate Marketing

After all, it boils down to how! Whether you’re building an affiliate site from scratch or cursing your constant failures, these six simple steps will guarantee your success.

Step 1: Know your audience.

The first and foremost duty is to pick a specific niche. You can’t write for tech-savvy and a climate activist simultaneously. Before turning to host and domain, know your audience and avoide doing these mistakes.

Strike a balance between your passion and people’s interest.

Remember, affiliate marketing is a long-term venture. You can’t skip one or two months after just starting out. And failing the first step will tempt you to do so. Thus, choose niches that excite you.

Make a list of related keywords in each one of them. Then, find out their search volume via Google Keyword Planner.

Step 2: Promote valuable products

Once you’ve made up your mind in favor of a niche, move on towards selecting products that you’ll promote. This second step is the defining moment of your whole journey.

There are generally two types of online products: tangible and virtual.

Suppose your niche is “health and fitness in teenage girls.”  Here, you’re targeting young girls who are conscious about their health. Now, you can sell them physical products such as supplements or digital ones like e-books.

We’d recommend using Clickbank for narrowing down your product search. Afterward, sign up to Amazon Associates and get affiliate links to promote.

Step 3:  Research magnetic keywords

If we have to describe SEO in one word, it would be the keyword. It is the phrase people write in their search bar. Google runs a search on all pages and presents the most relevant ones.

However, you have to do some keyword research for your affiliate products.

The bottom line is to target an exact keyword having high search volume but low competition. It is where long-tail phrases lend a helping hand.

Use Keyword Planner to find out the search volume and competition of a particular keyword. Then, get a deeper insight using Ubersuggest.

Step 4: Write detailed guides.

Where the above three steps were limited to individual aspects, the fourth one is the blend of SEO plus marketing skills. Once you have a good product and the focused keywords, it’s time to open your laptop and get started.

Marketing is not about fancy words – it is a heart-to-heart conversation. DO IT YOURSELF!

Avoid keyword stuffing because the search algorithm doesn’t work that way. In any case, write an easy-to-read article. Cover every aspect of your topic, and stay true to your readers.

Try writing >1500 words for every keyword. Google favors the information-dense contents. They tend to get higher SERP ranking, backlinks, and social media engagement.

Step 5: Add value to your content

When we suggest writing lengthy content, it doesn’t imply beating around the bush. For one, your visitors will leave your site. And for another, the search engine won’t invite you to the party either.

Bluffing sacrifices both SEO and AFFILIATE MARKETING!

Reinforce the visual appeal of your written piece. Add infographics and reliable statistics to present yourself as someone serving the customers, not money. Creating YouTube videos and Facebook posts is a huge plus in terms of customer engagement.

Step 6: ‘No follow’ the affiliate links.

Whenever you add any external link to your blog, the search engine establishes a connection. It usually strengthens SEO. In the case of paid links, however, it removes them from organic link authority.

Affiliate links are a variation of paid links since a commission is closely aligned.

That’s why it’s pertinent to add rel=”nofollow” tag to each affiliate link. For Amazon and widely popular networks, it’s added automatically.

“Even though we handle the vast majority of affiliate links appropriately, I would go ahead and just add the nofollow because you might be earning money from that,” said Google’s Matt Cutts in an interview with SMX Advanced in 2012.

You’re all set now!

For Affiliate Markets, SEO is not up for compromise. Content is the king! Its optimization to reach out to a broader audience is the coronation.

Keep in mind that off-page SEO also influences overall ranking. Your email connections, site layout and speed, featured snippets, internal linking, and guest posts can increase your affiliate conversion up to several times.

In any case, use these 6 SEO hacks for affiliate marketing. And the revenue will flow like a stream in your direction. But the eventual satisfaction of helping out your customers outscores monetary incentives.

Mistakes To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing

Mistakes To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing

Even with the ability to make more money and earn a passive income, several mistakes can cost an affiliate marketer. It is crucial to keep away from specific obvious, some not-so-obvious errors that might make you lose money or your clients when you are an affiliate marketer.

Here are some serious mistakes to avoid as an affiliate marketer:

Not building an email list

Even though some affiliate marketers avoid this, it is a big mistake because it will make it difficult for you to get to your clients, especially after purchase or click. An email list will make it easy for you to reach out to potential clients and customers with any critical information about a product or service. It is also the easiest way you can inform your clients about any promotions available for them to visit the website to take advantage of the offers.

Creating irrelevant or no content on your sites

Most people will visit your website, blog, or site to get information to make up their minds about buying a product. If there is no content on the site, it is not easy for them to decide to buy from you. And content is also crucial for SEO. Remember that you need to keep your clients engaged and sometimes entertained to also relate to you. If you do not have anything to write about at the moment, consider reviewing the products and services you are promoting to keep your readers interested.

Having a bad or ugly looking landing page

The first thing a client or potential customer will notice when they visit your site is the landing page. If it is not appealing, you may most even get the person to look at any product you are offering or read any content, no matter how interesting it might be. Make an excellent first impression by working on your landing page and ensure that it is appealing to the reader. You should also make it simple and easy to navigate so that anyone can find what they need even if they are not tech-savvy.

Not making the site mobile compliant.

Many people spend most of their time on their mobile phones and tablets. If you do not optimize your site for mobile, you will miss out on a lot of clients. Ensure that your client can click on any product from anywhere they are and proceed to buy without having to wait to get to a computer. This is because you might find clients who are too busy and find a little time like commuting and sometimes even on the toilet to look through your products.

Promoting too many products on one site

If you have a crowded list of products on your site, it will be difficult for the client to choose the right one. Sometimes, most people will go through the first three or four pages, and they will either get bored or tired. Keep your product list tight and relevant to the niche you are in so that it is easy for your customer to choose and buy the one they need.